FIRST LOOK: City Centre’s Newest Rail Bridge Lifted In Place

Urbanitymcr’s  was on site today to provide the first snapshot of the arch being lifted onto the new Ordsall Chord Railway Bridge.  The structure was lifted into place today by one of the country’s largest cranes as onlookers gathered at Trinity Way to observe the process.

The project will connect Piccadilly and Victoria Stations and forms a key part of Network Rail’s multimillion pound investment in the North of England’s Railway infrastructure.

Programme manager Allan Parker from Network Rail said: “This latest piece of work signifies we are getting ever closer to the Ordsall Chord being completed. Once finished, passengers from across the North will have more direct services to Manchester Airport and a reduction in congestion due to some services from the east being rerouted through to Victoria station first. This will mean an increase in services as more trains will be able to run to Piccadilly.”

“As you can imagine, the sheer size of the arches and the accuracy needed to position them meant there was a lot of planning that took place previously. I have been working on this project from the very beginning and I am extremely proud of every milestone we have achieved.  However, the sight of the arches elevated over the River Irwell was very special and will live long in my memory.”img_2079img_2081img_2085img_2095img_2098img_2107-1img_2107img_2109img_2110img_2111img_2114img_2116


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