Final 2040 Transport Strategy Launched


During summer 2016, TfGM  held a 12-week long public consultation on a draft 2040 Transport Strategy, which set out long-term proposals to create a cleaner, greener, more prosperous city region. The study looked at options for better transport connections and simpler travel. The draft strategy focused on creating an integrated, sustainable, and well co-ordinated transport system which supports a wide range of different travel needs.


In total, nearly 1,800 responses were submitted by members of the public, elected representatives, businesses and organisations. Over 70 per cent of respondents agreed that the strategy helped to achieve long-term, sustainable economic growth for all, showing strong public support for future plans.

The final strategy was released this morning, with key amendments including recognition of the crucial role that transport can play in providing access to healthcare and reducing social isolation. The final strategy also takes into account the importance of the night-time economy and providing connections for people travelling home from work late into the evening.

Following public support, the strategy gives greater emphasis to improving cycling infrastructure and places an emphasis on the role of local streets as ‘places’ rather than just routes for traffic, with a commitment to enhance the natural environment where possible. The strategy also outlines the important role of transport in supporting major growth in housing and employment.

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