Sh*t Skyscrapers: Why Neville’s Towers Must Be Refused – First Look at Before and After Images


The much opposed 31 storey St Michael’s Scheme is in for planning. The unprecedented reaction to the St Michael’s consultation, saw an overwhelming 70.4% of consultee respondents oppose the scheme.

Manchester City Council’s leader Richard Leese told Mancunians that some people “don’t like tall buildings”. In the case of the St Michael’s Conservation Area scheme, he’s right.

Councillor Joan Davies stated in her formal response “The height of the towers is an issue for many people… my current view is that the towers are too tall for the location; they block the view of the Grade 1 listed Town Hall from a number of buildings around the city”.

The buildings’ proposed facade treatment has been altered from black during consultation stage to an amber colour for planning submission. Councillor Davies stated that this would not impact upon her dislike of the scheme stating that black towers “are inappropriate for the area, though I do not think that changing the colour would resolve the location and height problem.”.

The views shown in the consultation documents interestingly don’t include certain angles from sensitive buildings. Urbanitymcr would like to see the views from St Peter’s Square showing this proposal’s impact on  the setting of the Town Hall tower. Views from Manchester Central could be repositioned to show the towers’ impact along Southmill Street and Mount Street. It is concerning that views also aren’t shown from along historic Cross Street. King Street or St Anne’s Square. To understand the scheme fully, Planners, Councillors and residents should be graced with views from the spaces they interact with.

Objecting is a simple process. Planning concerns include impact upon the conservation area, blank facades leading to poor streetscape, heritage objections from major organisations, scale of the buildings, lack of visualisations from the town hall. Object here:

See before and after images below:



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