City Council Leader Sir Howard Bernstein to Retire


Sir Howard Bernstein, a fundamental player in the reinvigoration of Manchester’s economy has announced he is to reitre in Spring of next year.

Born in 1953 to a Jewish family, Bernstein grew up in Cheetham Hill. Starting work at the City Council in 1971 as an 18 year old junior office clerk, he rose the ranks to spearhead changes in Hulme and at Manchester Airport.

His ambition for the city and for himself saw its heights from the 1990s onwards Spearheading the city’s 1996 Olympic bid, post-bomb regeneration and 2002 Commonwealth Games bid, he has been a core player in the City’s emergence from a post-industrial environment to a more dynamic player as a pre-eminent European regional city.

“It’s my city. I’ve always been a proud Manc. I’ve always regarded this place as the most cosmopolitan, the most successful city about.”


Bernstein has been a key individual in negotiating Manchester’s relationship with Westminster, working with GMPTE and then TfGM on securing much of Greater Manchester’s major transport projects. Manchester’s City Deal which was secured from 2012 onwards confirmed Manchester’s place as a modern, semi-autonomous metropolitan area.

“The platform we have got in Manchester for change and growth is unprecedented in generations. Whoever takes over from me, the long term future of this city is very, very strong.”


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